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Course Description 

Embark on a transformative journey in our Prophetic Insights class, where profound wisdom and practical knowledge converge to nurture your growth in the prophetic. Explore the purpose and power of the prophetic, delve into distinctive prophetic leadership attributes, and refine the art of receiving and delivering prophetic words. Navigate common pitfalls with wisdom, creating a prophetic atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth and transformative experiences. Join us in this class, a roadmap to a deeper understanding of the prophetic and a closer connection with God.




- Cut off date for registration and book orders is 1/16/24! 

- Cost of attendance is $25 PER  10 WEEK SESSION! 

- To complete the full course you will need to enroll in all three sessions (total $75). 

Schedule information

Winter Session 

- Sessions will be held from 10am-11:30am (CST)

Session 1: 1/20/24 - Introductions 

Session 2: 1/27/24 - Understanding the purpose and power of the prophetic

Session 3: 2/3/24 - Understanding and embracing prophetic leadership

Session 4: 2/10/24 - The blessing of a prophetic church

Session 5: 2/17/24 - How to receive a prophetic word

Session 6: 2/24/24 - How to give a prophetic word

Session 7: 3/2/24 - Prophetic pitfalls to avoid

Session 8: 3/9/24 -  creating a prophetic atmosphere

Session 9:  3/16/24 - How to develop your prophetic ear

Session 10: 3/23/24 - Prophetic Releases 



Class Requirements

- Camera must stay on for the duration of class.

- Fasting & prayer is a required aspect of class.

- Home work completion is required.

- Be on time

- Maximum of 2 classes can be missed and must be made up 


Required Materials

Prophetic Insights - Dr. Robert F. Dowell

The Prophets Devotional - Jennifer LeClaire


How to make up a missed class 

There is a private Facebook group that you will be invited to join so that you can replay any of the sessions that you miss as well as engage with others throughout the class. 




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